Tuesday, 2 November 2010

My thoughts....

At the same time it would be naive of use to assume a persons personality or dress sense by what they are wearing. However the in fashion Innovation the garments do portray a mood or a feeling in itself. This may not be what the waerer is feeling but however this is what the garment is saying to its on lookers. Language is spoken through Innovative pieces of clothing.

Hidden. Mysterious. Not giving inner personality away also may reflect defensivness, shyness or even myschievious character.

Eco mind frame. Nature friendly. Also matematical thought. Calm and Natural feelings reflected with colour and shape.

Deep thought. Sorry state of mind. Lost. Depression. Gloom.

Aggression within the wear, defensive nature or statement of authority towards others. Maybe even protection against others.

Innovation design can become a language to its viewers. I feel Objects looked in to with more depth can communicate feelings. Shapes can portray mood and thoughts. Both blatently using dialogue or just as a suggestion through colour and form. For example the above images may suggest...

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